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Integral Accounting Enterprise Cloud

This is the Dot Net product, is uses ASP Dot net on the front end, with VB Dot Net Code-Behind pages, and uses an XML-Based universal web service as the middle tier, where you send a description of the data you want in an XML page to the middle tier, which then goes to the database to fetch the data then return the results. The Database is a Microsoft SQL Server database. The software will run on the free version of SQL Server without a problem. All of the accounting business logic is implemented in SQL Server Stored Procedures.

The latest version of Integral Accounting Enterprise Cloud is at:

Features and functions of this program are outlined here:

Integral Accounting Enterprise X

This X stands for "Cross Platform" since we don't use any platform dependent code, the application can be served on a Unix, Linux, Mac, or Windows Server. The system uses HTML5, CSS, PHP and MySQL as it's database. The architecture is MVC and it's Responsive across all devices, including mobile. All of the business logic is in MySQL stored procedures. It has all of the features and functions of the Integral Accounting Enterprise Cloud application.

The latest version of Integral Accounting Enterprise X is here::

Features and functions of this program are outlined here:

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